He and She - Part 1

She (sounding happy): You know what.

He (delighted to see her happy): Tell me.

She (girlie at her best): Guess what should be the reason for my happiness.

He had proposed She when in college. She had declined the proposal stating traditional reasons. We belong to different religions. I cannot make my family unhappy by marrying a person who does not belong to the same caste or culture. The couple then decided to remain ‘just friends’ thereafter.

He (in a serious tone): I could never guess what was in your mind.

She (showing some concern): What do you mean?

He: You know what I mean. Anyways, let me guess, Promotion?

She (quirked an eyebrow and chuckled): Nope. Try again.

He: I give up. I can’t wait anymore. The patience is killing me. What is it?

She (Smiling): I’m getting married.

He (stunned, thinking, how can she say it so easily. She knows that I love her.)

She: Aren’t you happy. Don’t you want to know the groom’s name?

He (shocked emotionally, just looks at She askance): hmm?

She: He, Don’t you want to know the groom’s name? What he does, etc, etc.

He: Ya, who is he?
to be continued…….

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